Problems to open port 162 (SNMP-TRAP)

I want to use node-red-contrib-snmp-trap-listener to receive traps via snmp, on port 162, but I get this error "can't open port: 162". I have the same problem with node-red-contrib-syslog, which uses port 514. I have read that only the root user can open privileged ports (1-1024).

Is there any way for node-red to open privileged ports without error?

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Hi @fernandezjm, welcome to the forum.
This question is not really node-red specific and has been asked and answered many times (a quick search would reveal that).

So, you are right in that on linux, ports 1 - 1024 are privileged. The best way is to permit regular user/process to bind the port without sudo

Here are a few posts that might help...

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