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Hi, everyone!
I am developing a small automation software for a production site/plant. Basically it will be dashboard, that will register small operations by "employee". To put it simple - "employee" picks a " projectID" and presses "start", then "complete".
I want to register that data in a InfluxDB, and later display the data in Grafana. For that I must create a dashboard with dropdowns. For the sake of completeness I would like to have two linked dropdowns. Like "Category" == "Item" == Start/Stop Button.

I must ask for help to do the following:

  1. Create a dropdown with "projectIDs" and select one from the list;
  2. Press a button to "start" the process with selected projectID;
  3. Press a button (or same button) to end the process;
  4. write that info into Influx db. "projectID"="StartTime"="EndTime"
    optional = populate the records with additional tags;
    optional = Combine multiple dropdowns with a context. Select 1st Dropdown with Categories, Then select 2nd Dropdown with corresponding items such as "projectIDs"

Hoping to find some clues or solutions!
Thank You!

I don't use Dashboard much but I think your linked dropdowns can be done using two dropdown nodes with the first having the list of categories passed to it in msg.options and the 2nd having the filtered project ID's passed when the first dropdown sends its response after the user has made a selection change.

The button is easy enough of course. Just a Dashboard button node.

(Of course, if you know how to write html and javscript, you could also do this easily in uibuilder as well.)

The output to InfluxDB is also pretty straight-forwards using the appropriate node.


I don't know if this will affect you or not... Node-RED Dashboard is 'single user' which means that if you had two or more users attempting to use the same Dashboard page they will collide / overwrite each other's actions. It would be fine for displaying data, but actions such as button clicks could be overwritten without you know about it.



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Thanks, guys! I understand the general use of dropdowns and buttons. I was hoping to see some quick example how the two droprowns plus a button would create an array ready to be passed up to the influx db.
smth like array [0];
item1.value [0];
item2.value [2];
item.tag [3];

There are examples here

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