Project editor not detecting that depenency has been succesfully installed

Using the node red project editor and going to the dependencies tab it lists the dependencies that need to be installed. However when I ask the editor to install them, then the editor reports that some of them fail to install. Looking at the logs and npm list shows that have in fact all installed correctly. It seems that the ones that are shown as installed are node-red modules, the ones that are shown as failing are plain node.js modules that are required to satisfy dependencies in node red function nodes.

How do I stop this happening?

What is the correct way to handle the installation of node dependencies required by entries in the functionGlobalContext setting?

That isn't something the editor handles currently - it assumes all modules are Node-RED modules that contain nodes.

It's a whole area that needs improving, particularly as we're looking at how to make it easier to add npm dependencies to the Function node without having to editor your settings file.

Thanks for the quick response.

I had manually edited the projects package.json file to include the extra dependencies, so I was probably asking for trouble. I had hoped that I could put the functionGlobalContext in the node-red/settings entry in the projects package.json but that did not seem to work.

So my work flow now is back to editing the top level settings.js.

Ah well.


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