Projects - updating flows on multiple devices - how to auto pull?

Hi, as headline is saying - I'm looking for some hints to how this could be done.
Slowly learning Node-red.

My setup is RPI 3 with cloned card so is starting on same level every time, but sometimes you find errors, do stuff in a better way etc. and need to update/tune the flows.
But here the problem comes, I'm slowly adding new devices to the "farm" and this makes it even more time consuming when having updates. Are having all most 40 devices

I'm running "all most" same setup on every device, only some configs thats different, and that I'm also trying to see if I can fix with "ENV varialbles etc.".

I have started to use Projects, and it covers must of my solution.

Here comes the question (sorry for the long intro)

How can you automatic do the pull stuff ? - (am rebooting the device ones a day - just for info)

As it is git under the hood, 1 way, you could write a simple bash script to pull your flow and then start node-red?

Learning - so just write a simple bash is out of my league - maybe some hints to find info for that, as I'm trying to learn on the way.

Here is a simple off the top of head example...

cd ~/.node-red/projects/<name-of-project>
git fetch
git pull

Lots of examples on the web. search "bash script to pull from github"

Thanks. I will try and play with that

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