Put unique ID on these values?

So I tried to get the cost for my power consumption correct but I am still struggling. The Tibber feed puts out data every 1,5 sec. I have delayed the message to every 60 seconds. Each hour the kWh cost is different så the cost is in a join node for every hour of the day. Then I tried to sum up the day in the sum node but since the message in comes with the id " msg.payload : number" and sometimes " Shedule2: msg.payload : number" The sum node will and can not sum up correctly. Is it possible to give the messages from every hour in to the sum node, their own unique ID? If so how do I do that? Have been reading lots of tutorials, watch a lot of videos on YouTube, and have been searching the forum without any luck. I guess it will be possible to fix this in a function node, but my JavaScript skills arent there yet. Hope anyone can help me with this.

Best regards Freddy

Guess this will do the trick. So obvious, lot of searching but hopefully it paid out. Going to test now.

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