Query Tibber EnergyResolution

Hi, I would like to query the EnergyResolution instead of contrib-tibber with a function.
I was told in this forum how to:

const headers = {};
const token = "xxxxx";
headers["Content-Type"] = "application/json";
headers["Authorization"] = `Bearer ${token}`;
msg.method = "POST";
msg.headers = headers;
msg.url = "https://api.tibber.com/v1-beta/gql";
msg.payload = {"query":"{viewer {homes {consumption (resolution: HOURLY, last: 24) {nodes {from cost unitPrice consumption}}}}}"};
 return msg;

I also got prices of now, today and tomorrow, as I can get with the contrib-tibber.

But I don´t geht the Energy Resolution of the last month like in the contrib-tibber:

=> total costs of last month, total grid import and the average price.

Any idea how to query ?
msg.payload = {"query":"{viewer {homes {EnergyResolution (resolution: Month) {nodes {?}}}}}"};

msg.payload = {"query":"{viewer {homes {consumption (resolution: MONTHLY, last: 1) {nodes {from cost unitPrice consumption}}}}}"};

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