Question about a thought for node red

Is it possible to make in node red a node formation to remeber stuf and excute it when asked for with concept of renting things out.

A beter explaintien is going is follow when a person rent something true a website for as example today he wants to rent machine 1 3/5/2021 from 12:30 am till 5 pm and after payin (node red makes a random code that is send to this person via mail or sms )* this is possible made it myself. But when that the code it is generated this should be stored some where in node red so it can be accesed or send to a controller when it is between 12:30am and 5 pm on 3/5/2021 and is then wissed when the date is passed.

I hope you guys get what i want to try to make but i quistion myself if it possible to make something like that so i wanted a opion of you guys if it is possible it is a rough sketch and hope you can give me some enlighting if it is possible or just isnt possible to make with node red.
Edit and if possible is it able to store like 14 appoitments or more .

Thank u guys in advance.

There are many ways to store data with Node-RED. You can store data in memory, in a file, in a database. It all depends on your needs.

If you want to keep the data for analyzing later, I'd suggest a database. If you just want it for a short period of time, I would suggest persistent context. Here is a link to the documentation about context:

Yes, this is completely possible.

node-red can present a front end (web pages) by either dashboard, uibuilder or straight HTTP end points
node-red can store data (aka rentals) in memory, file, database, cloud, etc etc
node-red can run schedules (e.g. cron or other timers)
node-red can send emails and telegrams

You just gotta piece it together.

I recommend watching this playlist: Node-RED Essentials. The videos are done by the developers of node-red. They're nice & short and to the point.

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Thank you guys for the info and will look those sites and hope i will find awnsers

Then i have a question beacause im realy srtuggeling with making such a renting schudele where client choose a renting time and where it get saved until that day to be sent to a controller to then use it.

Is there some kind of prevesuily made nodes or works that can help how to make it or maybe at least a website that i can use to make fake appontmmoints to get the data from that site.

Thanks in advance and sorry if ask a simple question not realy faimliar with the option you have in node red.

As far as I know you have a unique situation so I'd be surprised if ther was a node or flow to do what you want to do. My suggestion sis to break it into small peices and build it bit by bit. Draw a flow chart on paper, to describe all the things you need to do.

As for test data, one possibility is to use the inject node to create test data to send into your flow. What that data looks like, only you know....

So if i want it to work mlake differnt part okay that bi can do

Part 1 would be the commucation between the website and node red for data when the client booked the renting service.

Part 2 would be storing and extract the date that include the ''random code that was made for that client that can be send by mail or sms'' this part i already made and works and email adres or phone number.

Part 3 would be then extracting the data when the time frame and day of the appointment came (data would be the code made in step 2)

Part 4 would be sending the code to the controller that needed to be send that was selected by the client in step 2

Part 5 would be when the client types the code in on the his choosen controller only that it works and give signal (this i have already made with a dashboard controller) but dont know yet how to make it work only in the time frame of the chosen date yet but i mlooking it inwith this schudeler

Part 6 that the controller nows that the machine is back and would send a pic of the machine to a email adres (this is also what im thinking to make only need to test it with the raspberry pi i have) .

Part 7 is doing every thing over and over again

I do have already some parts that i made and my partner if you guys want to see some you can ask me or if you ahve an idea on how to take somethin g on i would love to hear it

Thanks in advance

P.S. And i dont realy know the webiste from where wez will get it because that shopuld still needed to be built thats i hope there i something like a testing site of somthing like that.

Again thanks in advance

Well it sounds like you have a plan and have already started building on it.
Part 1 - Take a look at Node-RED Cookbook : Node-RED which might help you with this part
Part 2 - looks like you should use a database
Part 3 - you could use an inject node to automatically start a flow to read the database and gather the needed information
Part 4 - since I have no idea what this 'controler' is I can't offer a suggestion about that. It will depend of the 'controlers' API.
Part 5 - again, not knowing anything aabout the 'coontroler' I can't offer any suggestions here.
Part 6 - how the 'controller' does this is not somethig I can help with since I have no knowledge of twhat it is.

How can you expect a test site to know what data you want?

Have you thought about what is to be done if the customer does not return the machine??

The controller will be a rasberry pi that is controlled by node red

I thought there was some test sites made with things on it that you can use for when your testing your program. Probley a bit far fetch but can only ask.

yes we thought about that we have 2 situatiins that most likky would happen
situation 1 the client is just late in bringing it back
one possible solution is that we have a time buffer of a 0.5 hour bewteen renting hours

situation 2 the machine gets stolen
when the machine doesnt get back between hours and buffer there will be send a alarm mesage to the central building so they know the machine was stolen and also we will have video footage as wel phone and email adres also mail is sent to next customrus that they wont have a machine and they should take contact with the company.

we could place a tracking device on the machine but we dont know yet if we will beacause price and the fact that power tools can cut those of.µ
i hope that this will let you know how we look at it

thanks in advance for the help

and i Will look in to that

my problem is that I want to store a randomly generated number and use it later.

This is the full explanation

I want a randomly generated number for a machine 1,2 ... n
(Depends on which machine is chosen.)
Creations that are requested on a specific day and time.

On 12/3/2021 I want to use machine 2 from 8:30 to 12:30 and I order this on 9/3/2021 at 15h this creates a code that must be requested on 12/3/2021 at 8:30

I hope you will explain this because I don't think it is real and the reservation data would normally be taken from a website but could also be retrieved from an excel file, these are 12/3/2021 8:30 and 12:30 data

I am going to thank you in advance because I am not really digging out thank you very much

I tried somthings but cant find realy something that helps

It sounds like you could do this by creating the random number and storing it with with the machine number and date/time in a database and then you be able to retrieve it later.

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