Question about Thingspeak MQTT new broker compatibility with NodeRED 1.2.7

Hello everyone.
I recently used Sensetechnic's FRED combined with Thingspeak with a MQTT communication channel.
Up until April 4th everything was working fine. I don't know when, but between that date and today, the connection stopped working. I was forced to use the new Thingspeak broker ( instead of the old that uses device authentication with Username and password for every device using MQTT. On my local machine I have installed Node-RED v.2.2.2 and it works fine even with this new server setting, while on FRED, given the info on the console, they have installed in their cloud Node-RED 1.2.7 and there it still doesn't send the data on Thingspeak. Is it possible that this difference in software version is what is causing the issue?