Questions About Template Widget

I have been having a go at designing my own button and have managed a workable solution. However, I have a couple of questions.

The first question is that when using send(msg) from within a scope$watch function a new property templateScope gets added. So, I was wondering what this property is supposed to be used for?

The second question is more of a request for help. I have shown the code below and what I want to know is 'is there any way of getting the HTML element (in this case a button) object into the <script> without using an id or some other method of having to know some identifier in the HTML?'. I am thinking of something along the lines of $ but I have not so far found a way of accessing it.

<button id = "sonoffBtn02" class = "stdButton"
    data-payload = '["OFF", "ON"]'
    data-text = '["Off", "On"]'
    data-device-name = "sonoffmini02"
    data-device-type = "switch"
    ng-class = "{true: 'redButton', false: 'greyButton'}[btnText == 'On']"
    ng-click = "changeState()">



    (function(scope) {
        // Could also use [ angular.element(document.getElementById('sonoffBtn') ] or [ angular.element("#sonoffBtn") ]
        // Introduction of a bit of JQuery to get the Element object
        const el = angular.element(document.querySelector("#sonoffBtn02"));
        const self = $(el);

        // Data to use in the Scope
        let btnData = {


        let actionMsgIn = true;                                                 // Set to true to act on a change in msg
        let topic = "ButtonState";                                              // Set topic if required
        let btnState = 0;                                                       // Current toggle count. Max is length of text array
        let device = {name:"deviceName"), type:"deviceType")};

        // Data to return to HTML button
        scope.btnText = btnData.text[btnState];                                 // Button text, also used as Class selector

        /* Functions to use in the Scope                                        */
        // Toggle button state, update button text and create msg object
        scope.changeState = function() {

            this.msg = {};

            this.msg.device = device;
            this.msg.payload = btnData.payload[btnState];
            this.msg.topic = topic;


        // Triggered if the node receives a msg. Updates the button according to the payload received
        scope.$watch('msg', function(msg) {
            if (actionMsgIn) {
                // Only change btnState if payload is valid (i.e. is found in btnData.payload)
                if (btnData.payload.indexOf(msg.payload) !== -1) {
                    btnState = btnData.payload.indexOf(msg.payload);


                msg.device = device;


        // Toggle button state between 0 and length of btnData.text array
        function toggle() {
            btnState = (++btnState) % btnData.text.length; 

        // Update the scope variables to reflect back to the HTML
       function showChange() {
            scope.btnText = btnData.text[btnState];




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