Quick question about Global Cache (IP2IR, iTach)

node-red-contrib-globalcache works great when I specify the Output number in the -out node config like this:

And I use a function node to set the message:

msg.payload = '0000 006d 0025 ... '
msg.format = 'hex'

How can I also set the Output number in my function node?

An answer will end a years-long quest for my iTach!

Cheers, Richard

That node has not been updated for 6 years, so it is surprising that it still works with current node.js versions.

I have no idea what it actuall does, but the node docs say:

If one specify three parameters: unit_number, output and command, than all incoming string commands will be transformed into GlobalCache packet: [command],[unit_number]:[output],[command]

So I guess that means you have to specify msg.unit_number, msg.output and msg.command.


Thanks. That didn't work, but I can work around it. My bigger concern is your comment about how old this is. I really hope it continues to work because it's now an indispensable part of my home automation system.

What version of node.js are you using. Use
node -v
to find out.

I'm using Node Red and just upgraded to v3.0.0

I'm not aware of a command line in Node Red

The node -v command is nothing directly to do with node red. Run it in a terminal to find what version of nodejs is installed in your system.

As of node-red version 3 you can get most detail about your system by using the "system info" command in the action list.

  • Press Ctrl Shift P (or right click on white space, click top option)
  • Type the word system
  • Click the item system info
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True, I had forgotten about that, Though actually I think it is easier to type node -v

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I agree, for many folks it is, however, if that leads to "what OS are you running node-red on" or "what is the node-red servers locale & timeZone set to" or "what nodes do you have installed" etc, I think this could be a good first question to avoid all that to & fro.

Thanks for the info @Steve-Mcl

I hate to seem dense, but where would I type this?

For anyone wondering about the original question, I have found a great alternative to node-red-contrib-globalcache.

I'm currently using a tcp request node and it seems far more robust. The only catch is I need to use non-hex codes but it's no problem to get those. Let me know if anyone wants to see an example of how to do this.

It seems @Steve-Mcl is correct, assuming you are using node-red v3 then follow his advice to find the nodejs version.

If you are not using v3, and you don't know how to open a terminal on your system, you will have to tell us what OS you are using. Or perhaps google for how to open a terminal on your OS.

I can open a terminal, although I've never needed to for Node Red before. Thanks.

My node.js version is v16.16.0

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