RAM Creeping | Top Command info contradictory

In My Project , I am new to node-red.
I have Node-red and Codesys running in my Raspberry PI hardware.
The response of the TOP command is contradictory between the available RAM and the individual Application RAM consumption.

In the Above image, the as per the Free memory shows approx. 10% of the total memory , but this not not getting matched with the summation of the individual application memory consumption. [Example : 28.6 + 5.7 + 2.4 + 1.5 + 0.6 , etc ... ]
Does any other application runs in the background and which is not getting captured from TOP command, How can i find which application consumes these hidden RAM ?
Any lead would be highly appreciated !!!

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Linux does is best to make use of all the memory available, by keeping disk buffers in memory, for example, in case you access the same files again. To see memory that is available if it is needed then look at the available memory figure.

@Colin ,
Thanks for your kind response.
The issue which I am facing is, Over a Period of the RAM utilizing is kept on increasing in my Node-red.
Please do refer the below image for your kind reference.
I am restarting my node-red application every day at 06:00 AM and start recording the CPU load, Mem% and RAM utilization , etc...

Almost followed the best practice to avoid the Memory leak , but still the issue is persist.
any suggestion to find and fix the memory leak in my project ?

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There was a similar question this week. See here.

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