Raspberry Pi & ADS 1x15 simple flow

Hello there , i am new to node red and i am trying to set up a simple task . I have connected to my Raspberry Pi a ADS1x15 ADC with a CT clamp and i am trying to measure current( AC) .I am getting data in my node red flow in the debug area .My problem is that i connect a gauge and i cant convert the huge number that i read from the ADS1x15 which is from 0 to 2V to ampere in my gauge .The whole idea is to have 2 gauges in my dashboard ,one to measure current and the other energy .Every help is appreciated .Below is my code in node



I think what you are seeing there is the milliseconds timestamp as generated by the inject node. Perhaps the value is in a different part of the message. Set the debug node to Show Complete Message and see what else is there. What node type is it? node-red-contrib-something probably. Check the Info tab for the node and see what it says about the outputs.
When you want to paste a flow here then go to a new line, click the </> button and paste the flow where it indicates. That way we will be able to import it.

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