Raspi - Node Red project stops working after a certain time

Hello everybody,

I work on a project to save sensordata on a Raspberry.
There for I get the data from an ESP32 via USB into the Raspberry and edit them with Node Red.

Everything works fine for a certain time till, Node Red doesen't get any more data. The time till the process stopps varies between two hours up to a day. As it stops Node Red still shows the "serial in" node still as connected.
Then I need to reboot the Raspberry so the programm is running again.

For solving the problems I transmitted the data via UART instead of the USB. But this did not solve the problem.

When the problem comes up, the ESP32 is still sending data. So this is not the problem.

It seems like something on the Raspberry Pi is going turning standby. But I can't find the problem.

Node Red is running as systemd service.

I work with the Raspberry Pi 4b, Bookworm 12 and Node Red v3.1.3

I'm happy for every answer.
Greetings Jonathan

Show us how you have configured the serial node.

Also stop node red (node-red-stop) and start it again using node-red-start and copy/paste here the output up until it is running fully. Then wait till it fails (leaving the command window open) and see what the log shows when it stops.

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