Rate limit messages with Join

Good morning;

as you can see in the photo, I have a modbus that reads the data every 5 seconds, and a timestamp to inject other data, At the end I have a "Join" to format this data in order to send them by SMS.

The problem I have is that whenever the modbus reads the data the join sends the sms, I want the reverse... let modbus read the data and every time I click on timestamp the message has to be sent.

I want to replace the timestamp with an insms so that every time I receive a message, the nodes respond with another message

I tried to use rate limit but i couldn't.

any idea Please !!

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Hard to tell anything from an image, but is the join set to every Subsequent message, if so try unchecking that setting and have the join send only on count of 4 messages.


thanks it work, i just unchecked a subsequent message

@lyred I also have a modbus that records data. I think our project seems matches with each others. I was facing same error during last week so kind of you for discuses here this error. :slightly_smiling_face:

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