RD6006 power supply protocol and node-red applications

The RD6006-W power supply is a quasi-professional device, providing up to 60V, 6A (360 Watt).
It is possible to control it from the front panel, or via WIFI with an APP from a smartphone, or via USB with the software on PC WIN.

Of course, I wanna use it in custom applications.
Using node-red, I developed:

For the full story, see https://github.com/msillano/RD6006-Super-power-supply


What a nice surprise to see that the RD6006 uses MODBUS (like the DPS series). I have asked this question to manufacturer and understood they would use different protocols. I probably misunderstood their answer. Will take a look on your project once a get some free time. Thanks for sharing.

hahaha :smile:

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