Read data file with non local path

Hello...I need a function to read the content of a file that has a different path (it's located in app online),
the path is similar to this "data:text/plain;base64,c2FsdXQgICAuLmplIHN1aXMgSGFmc2EgQXJhYmJhdGU=", the 'file in' node can't recognize the path like this..So I'm wondering if I put this path as a variable in a function and read the file but I'm not good enough in JS ..any help?tst2

That is not a path. it is a bas64 encoded data

so you would split it at the comma and the base64decode everything after comma to get the text.

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The file nodes (as you have found) only read local files. For web based resources you probably need the http-request node - but again that needs a proper url - what you have is an inline resource that is a base64 encoded piece of text. You would need to extract and decode the text first and then use that as a url.

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A simple example

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Thank you so much

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