Read DS18B20 Temps MQTT ESP32?

I am trying to read the temperatures from an ESP32 with tasmota on MQTT. It worked using a nodemcu, but I can't read anything with the ESP32.

This is MQTT string I am getting from the ESP32 with tasmota.

00:57:58.936 MQT: tele/poolesp32/SENSOR = {"Time":"2022-01-08T00:57:58","DS18B20":{"Id":"3C01F095CECB","Temperature":73.4},"ESP32":{"Temperature":104.0},"TempUnit":"F"}

I am using the MQTT in from node red to read it but I get nothing.
There are 2 temp sensors. The onboard sensor for the ESP32 and the DS18B20 that I have added.

I can see the temps in the tasmota dashboard so I know its working.



mqtt read

I figured it out, I had the wrong topic. I had to set it to read the following tele/poolesp32/SENSOR

Now I see both sensors data.

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