Read Telegram Group

Hello team,

I'd like to know if could be possible read a telegram group (I'm not the owner, just a viewer) and resend this text to another group where I'm the Owner.

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Yes that is doable.

Could you help me? :heart: jajajaja

Create a flow like the echo flow and change the chatId between sender and receiver node using a function node.

You can create a bot that is listening on the one channel and even another one sending to the target one.

Just read the Another option would be the forward option.


I don't know the ChatID of the sender because is a group and I don't know how to see it.
And to send the text to another group, is not the same that If I should send by bot, right?

Thank you!

Add the bot to the group. Then disable privacy using botfather

/setprivacy — set which messages your bot will receive when added to a group. With privacy mode disabled, the bot will receive all messages. We recommend leaving privacy mode enabled. You will need to re-add the bot to existing groups for this change to take effect.

Then add a debug node to the output of the receiver node. Send a message within the group. The debug output contains the message and the source chatid. It should be a negative number.

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