Reading rss feeds


Trying to read in some rss feeds but not sure on how to get the data to a HTML table.

when the feedparser runs it outputs multiple payloads. How do I aggregate them to put into an array to loop them so I can extract the title and the url?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!



You can use a Join node to combine payloads into an array, but you would need some way of knowing when the end of the sequence had arrived. The node has a number of options for that.
Could you not just handle them as they arrive rather than build an array and then loop through the array? If you do that you are combining them together then taking them apart again in the loop.



What I'm trying to do is have a one line title of the feed at the bottom of my dashboard. So I want create the html that will have the latest 5 feeds in it. I try the join and see what that gets me. Otherwise right now I just put them all to a MySQL database then read the database. But that seemed like more effort and not good coding :slight_smile:



If it isn't convenient having each entry in the feed as a separate message, you could use an HTTP Request node followed by an XML node to get the whole feed as a single message. Put an Inject node in front of that to trigger it every so often and you're done.



The flow on this page might be helpful. You won't necessarily want to display it the same way but it will give you the data you want I think.



Thank you! I'll try this tonight.