Reading text file, removing filename

if i insert the array by hand it works. If i read it from the file I have the same information in the object, but the file path is below. This seems to disturb the further flow, because the function does not process the array if delivers by file


How do I remove this information filename:" ......"

I would be grateful for any assistance as I do not understand where this information is hidden.
so I cannot remove it :frowning:

THX Marc

Have you tried a change node?


Its not hidden, it is part of msg (as your debug show)

your data is in msg.payload whereas the file name is in msg.filename

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Many thanks
This are the informations that we newbies are still missing and we collect our experiences.
the conversion was then so easy and I have tried sooooo many other things in the approach field.
Thanks for the answer.

You're welcome.

In my early days of node-red (before realising all the features and where to use what) I would have done the JavaScript way (in a function node)...

delete msg.filename;
return msg;

We all start somewhere.

If you want a good measure of the features, spend an hour with this playlist: Node-RED Essentials. It is by the developers of node-red. Each video in the playlist is nice & short and to the point - easy to digest.

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