REAL datatype values from s7 node

Hi all, i'm struggling to make sense of values of type REAL (Floating point 32-bit number) coming from the contrib-s7 node. i have a siemens S7-1200 and the values i'm getting are 10 digit numbers. i tried the buffer parser node but it gives an error telling that's not a buffer (of course).
I tried the buffer maker to make a buffer and decode using the parser but it does'nt work either.

The firs row is the analog value from IW64 address and is o.k. the others should give a 4 - 20ma value after being scaled. But i noticed that the first 2 digits never move.

Obviously i didn't programmed that plc but i have access to the program.

Thanks for giving me a clue.

Can you show your variables in S7-node?

level - should be DB1,REAL10.

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