Real-time Average Chart

Hello I'm a newby in this situation and have problems to create a chart.

How can I create a real-time average chart to show
average from now on and go back to every 24 hours
for a week.

I try to use "node-red-contrib-dashboard-average-bars" it's work but that show wrong time (X-axis) in dashboard but in debug node is show right thing.

May be function node can help me but I have to learn hard for this

If you are wanting this sort of capability for your charts I would look seriously at the idea of saving the data to Influxdb and viewing it using Grafana. Then you will get vastly enhanced features for viewing live and historical data.

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There is the smooth node that can help:

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Ok i'll try this thanks for your help
But if i have a newest data this will use my new data to calculate an average right? ( 1 2 3 4 5 if 6 is new data they will use 2 3 4 5 6 )
for a week chart if i have day one 1 2 ,day two 3 4 ,day three 5 6 if 7 get in the new data is 2 3 , 4 5 and 6 7 on chart this can be happen?

Yes thats right - the smooth node takes in the rolling numbers and continually adjusts the average


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Thank you ^ ^

@colin i have a Time-Series Data and import to node-red by mqtt in

Thx i'll try this

Sorry i think the smooth node can do what i want
I send realtime-data every 1 hour and i want to make a everage chart every day for a week
So i can have 7 point on the chart 1 point for 1 day chart will change every 1 hour when a new data sending
Did i Misunderstand something
Can you explan how the smooth node work and setting or give me an example

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