Real time storage use per Flow and crash report location

I have a problem with a infinite looping message in my code and I would like to know if there are issues to detect the loop.
The loop happens very rarely so it is hard to me to find where it comes from. When it Happens it's filling up my Storage very fast and I have the "Heap out of Memory" Error. I actually found where it is coming from but I want to find a better Solution to handle it, if it's happening again.

I would like to know if there is a way to know in real time the Storage used by each Flow and if, after the crash, to see in the logs from which Flow it comes or where did the Crash happens.

Where are you seeing that message?

If it is in the node red log is there anything before it? If not then what is in the node red log?

Yes it is The node Red log and yes I can see the infos below which already help me to see where the problem is coming from. I actually want to have the Information of how many memory did every Flow need.
I have Actually this Dashboard but it doesn't help me to find out if a Flow is using all the memory.(And it also crash when NodeRED crash so It doesn't help me to debug)

I don't believe that is possible.

Do you mean that you know what is causing the problem?

Yes it was an infinite loop but i know it can happen again in my programm so i wanted to know if they is a way to have a memory usage overview per flow to prevent Errors like this next time.
As you said, I also don't believe it already exists...

Not only that but I suspect that it would be impossible to implement.

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