Received "DISCONNECT:Subscription Id is not supported now" when trying to subscribe topic from AWS IoT using MQTTv5

Hi everyone.

I lately tried sub and pub using mqtt v5 and TLS in node red (via docker) with AWS IoT but it only works for pub, however, the sub was suddenly disconnected somehow. so I looked at the node-red docker logs and I found the message below.

"DISCONNECT:Subscription Id is not supported now"

Then I went back to try sub and pub using mqtt3.1.1 and TLS in node red with AWS IoT again and It works fine.

I also tried sub to my AWS IoT using python and It worked, so I think the problem might be something around node-red that still does not support mqtt5 sub with TLS, can anyone confirm about this?

I can not find any resources or the same questions as mine anywhere so I decided to make a question here If you have any experience or a workaround for AWS Iot and node-red using mqtt v5, I will be really grateful for your clarification.

My apologies for my newbie topic, I am quite new in this area, please understand.

Hi, have you entered subscription IDs anywhere in your MQTT nodes? Can you share a minimal flow (CTRL-E, Copy to clipboard, paste into a reply between backticks) that demonstrates the issue?.

Also, should it become necessary, would you be willing to share details (login info etc) to your AWS broker so that I can see what is going on? (Privately via DM or Email - not on the public thread)

Thank you for your reply.

Excuse me, Where exactly can I enter the subscription IDs in node-red?

the images below demonstrate the minimal flow when I tried.
I can share the detail via DM in case only the flow can not tell anything.

Issue raised: MQTT V5 disconnects when subscribing to AWS Core Broker · Issue #4133 · node-red/node-red · GitHub

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