Receiving message send to the telegram bot in different domain

Hello everyone,

I have a question about telegram api, I would appreciate it if somebody can help me.
Actually, I'm reading an array of data through modbus tcp and store it in local database(mysql). Now, I would like to access the data in another pc hosted in different domain. So, I tried to build a telegram bot and by using token and api receving the data in my pc(hosted in different domain) but I didn't suceeded.

This is the data I'm sending to chatbot :

and here you can see the array received in chat!:

As I mentioned this process is done in pc connected to the PLC and my question is can I use the token and api in my pc and receive the same payload?
Thanks in advance for your help.

This thread may be of help Telegram bot to bot commands - #5 by Tinbum1

You could also use a cloud based mqtt broker and then us mqtt to send between devices.

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