Recommend UK 433Mhz mains socket switch

I use old plugin Maplin 433Mhz controlled mains switches for my room 40W lamps but one of them has failed and can't I get them anymore

I use Pi with a little 433Mhz add-on board and bit bang the correct codes outs using an exec node feeding a python script.

I'm wondering if anyone uses a different brand of 433Mhz sockets with Node-RED that I could switch to?

Sorry confused.
You say switches, then socket. Do you mean plug in socket for switching table lamp?

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I use a mix of LightwaveRF and Class Olson devices but I use an RFXtrx433e dongle which is pre-programmed for many different 433MHz devices. I don't know how easy it is to work out the encodings for devices I'm afraid.

In any case, for a 40w lamp, I'd certainly use a SONOFF over WiFi rather than a 433MHz device which can be very unreliable (I always send two commands to all of mine for example with a short delay between and you get no feedback either which can be especially annoying when there is a manual button on the plug.

Haha, I always have this problem with my setup. We refer to the plug sockets as switches because that's what they do - switch lights on and off. But the controllers are also switches because they have switches on them!!

I always refer to controllers as controllers now. Switches do something, controllers control something.

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I am an electrician so -
A socket goes into/on the wall for plugs.
A switch goes into/on the wall for switching.
A plug in adapter socket (timer/rf/z-wave/etc) plugs into a socket.
A bulb goes in the ground.
A lamp goes in the light fitting.

P.S. @cymplecy About time you removed that 40 watt lamp and replaced it with a more efficient one.


But what is a device with a switch that goes into a light fitting?

Or a socket with a switch that goes into the ground!

A switch
a bad idea.


I use these:

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