Recommended MicroSD for Rpi ZeroW


Deploying a RPi ZeroW to read data from my Solar Inverter and pump it out over MQTT

Firstly What SD card do people recommend ?
2ndly what is the best OS/Bundle to put on it for the RPi ZeroW and NR ?



I've had good success with the Sandisk Extreme Ultra 32GB - so far no failures (But I'm probably not hammering them compared to some - and not often power cycling without shutdown.)

I use RaspiOS minimal - then full update - raspi-config to enable options, set hostname, config wifi, etc - then install script for Node-RED.

I'm using myself "Samsung PRO Endurance MicroSD 32GB" with a very high life endurance.
The rasp log files are written to ramdisk to prevent unnecessary wear of the sd card.
Can't tell you yet how good these cards are, because I got it running for just 2 years now.:wink:

Most important is to haven a good power supply for your pi. Look for an 5.2V supply instead a 5V to prevent under voltage detection of the pi.

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If its good enough for the Boss ... !

Thanks Dave


Thanks Mate.

Yes this will be a little unique - the Pi Zero will actually be powered by my inverter as it slips inside the WIFI case that attaches to the inverter and then hangs off the 5v line that is used to power the external RS485 and ESP8266 daughterboard - a couple of other people have done this and had rock solid performance so all good


I use a Samsung EVO or EVO Pro on my Pi's and never had a failure now in years.

One of the tricks is to make sure that you get an over-sized card. I tend to use 32GB cards as they have been the sweet-spot on price for a long time (though the last I purchased was a year or two ago for a different use since my Pi cards just keep going!).

This is because the decent SD-Cards have built-in wear levelling and this is a lot more effective if there is plenty of space capacity on the card.

I'm not even that careful with power to the Pi's these days - that used to be a massive problem with early Pi's. I think the OS is a lot better at handling that anyway now. My Pi3 regularly whinges that it is running below optimal power. Doesn't seem to make any difference, nor do power outages.

Thanks Julian

Yep i have gone for Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB so should be more than ample for what i am planning on doing.

Is there a list of consolidated tips anywhere for things to change/setup in the OS re log files etc - or with these sort of cards just leave it as is ?


Personally, I just leave things as standard. I've never found problems with logging to disk since I started using decent cards.

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