🎉 Refresh tokens in node-red-node-dropbox (Now published as v2.0.0)

@dceejay: indeed my first reaction was also to keep the old access token somehow on the screen, so users could keep on using their old access token. Or that you have a dropdown on the screen where you can select following options:

  • "access token": which is by default selected for nodes that have an old access token, so people can keep on using their old token (i.e. not breaking existing flows).
  • "refresh token": whick is by default selected for new nodes.

But not sure if it would be a good decision:

  • I think it will be confusing, especially since refresh tokens also result in access tokens. But those access tokens are generated under the cover and have nothing to do with the access token field on the config screen.
  • Seems a bit wrong to me, to do extra efforts to offer users a less-secure solution. Although Dropbox also allows users to keep on using their old tokens, without expiration. Although that might end some day.

So I am not sure about what would be the best solution.
Personally I like to keep the config screen simple (with only a refresh token field), because I think that most users get nuts of tokens and all related security stuff...

Heuh, do I see this correctly in your screenshot:


The image that I had share above (to explain how this mechanism) works, appears as an icon in your node (instead of the dropbox.png file). This is the moment that I need to buy new glasses or visit a psychiatrists...

Yes I had the same problem in Chrome last week, so I had added this to the config node screen:


But apparently that is not clear enough. If anybody has a better proposal, please let me know.

I wasn't aware that only local was allowed. Will need to to find some time in the weekend to try this myself. Thanks for testing this!!!!

Found some other issue. Tonight I had a "connection lost" on my flow editor, while the config screen was open. This resulted somehow in an alert box with the text "undefined", and the redirect url was empty:


Will need to have a look at that also...