Dropbox Access again

I followed this discussion :tada: Refresh tokens in node-red-node-dropbox (Now published as v2.0.0) - Core Development / Feature Requests - Node-RED Forum (nodered.org) and from that I take that unless I either have a browser of one of my Pi's, or have one of them secured using SSL (and I tried following the documentation for this and it appears that I have to have a domain name for this) and if I have neither I am unable to use the Dropbox node.

Is this correct, and if not (because currently I have the exact problem that BartButenaers demonstrated in message 11) would someone please let me in on the secret?

Happy Christmas

Hi Ralph,

I had seen your question already yesterday evening late. But I thought: this is not stuff to get into the Christmas mood. So I left it aside for today :wink:

To be honest I am not sure at the moment whether you need to have a domain name. If the Dropbox client allows self signed certificates, then you don't need it. But I don't use this node myself, so not sure...

Perhaps @Paul-Reed can refresh my brain...

As far as I can recall, to fulfill Dropbox's authentication requirements, the URI must be either be;

  • A https URI which has a certificate signed by a trusted CA (including domain name). OR
  • A 'Localhost' URI

The current implementation of node-red-node-dropbox allows the former requirement, but the option to use a 'Localhost' URI has not yet been included, so cannot be used.

Having said that, we have not tested using a self signed certificate, so maybe worth trying?

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