How to use node-red-node-dropbox without a browser?


How can I use 'node-red-node-dropbox' without a browser on localhost?
I use a NodeRed instance in which I do not have access to the browser to perform steps to obtain the 'Access Code' and the 'Refresh Token'.

I read several topics about 'node-red-node-dropbox', but the examples are using the browser to obtain the 'Access Code' and the 'Refresh Token'. But how do I get the 'Access Code' and 'Refresh Token' without access to the browser?

Hi @georgevbsantiago, welcome to the forum.

Is there any reason to believe that you must obtain a token on the same machine as runs Node-red?
Since you must be able access your Node-red instance with a browser from somewhere, does that not let you set up the token?

Have you tried obtaining one using a completely seperate PC and browser and copying the values manually into Node-red?

Hello, Thanks for the posts

I read some posts about node-red-node-dropbox (mentioned below) and understood that access via oauth2 token would have to be done on the same machine that generates it.
Ex: If NodeRed (node-red-node-dropbox) is on VPS 'A', the oauth2 token would have to be generated in the browser of VPS 'A' instance to work.

I understood that if the user manipulated NodeRed (node-red-node-dropbox) on VPS 'A', but tried to create the token on their personal computer (notebook, PC...), it would not work.

If it is possible to manipulate NodeRed (node-red-node-dropbox) on VPS 'A', and create the token on my notebook to later insert it into node-red-node-dropbox) on VPS 'A', then that's great!

Question: Is there no way to avoid manually creating the oauth2 token by opening Dropbox through the browser?
I upload it to Dropbox via script, using the access token (old way), using the SDK-Dropbox JavaScript and just providing 'token' and 'account_id', without prior access via the browser.

Thank you for your attention

OK, I read the post you linked to but didn't understand it all (and not just the Portuguese!).
Maybe someone else more knowledgable can assist you.

I managed to generate the refresh token through my browser (laptop) and inserted it into node-red-node-dropbox. Thanks.

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