Relative URLs with Template Node in macOS

Hi everyone. I have NodeRed v2.2.2 running in my Macbook. My flow has a template node that serves an HTML page (a Twine story in case you are familiar with it). I use NodeRed to mediate between an ESP32 and the content of that HTML page; that way, a sensor triggered in the ESP32 displays a different text on the HTML page.
The page not only displays text but also plays different audio files which are currently hosted on my personal website. However, that means that I am using absolute URLs for each audio file (which must be downloaded) instead of relative URLs. I cannot find a folder in my NodeRed installation (located in /Users/user/.node-red/) where I could place the audio files within my computer for them to be served directly. Any suggestions? Thanks!

I suggest you search the forum for httpstatic, there is plenty of info on setting up a httpstatic folder to server up local files, and look at docs Configuration : Node-RED

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