Reload of credential file

I have 2 node-red instances.
Using the Admin-API I'm able to sync the flows and using scp I'm also able to copy the credential file from one node instance to the other. Unfortunately they are not directly applied, so I currently see only the option to stop the second node-red instance and start it again to load the credential file. This has some side-effects.

Question: Is there any way to bring a node-red instance to reload the flows_cred file without performing a full stop-start / restart?

Thank you for any hint :slight_smile:

Can't you sync the flow file and credentials file at the same time before restarting node red, which I assume you have to do anyway to use the new flow file?

You can get the runtime to reload it's flows (including credentials) by doing an http post to /flows with the deployment-type header set to "reload"

If you are using 1.0.4 you can also include your credentials when you use the admin API to post your updated flows. Include a credentials property on the object you post. Need to get the docs updated to cover that.

Than you very much :slight_smile:
Sorry, I was really spending some time and searchin arround a reload function, no clue why I didn't find that.
That was a huge help and it worked very great.
Thanks!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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