Remember report by exception after deploy

Hi All,

I have a general runtime variable that sends a 1 when it is on and a 0 when the power off is requested. I have a report by exception node that will not send multiple 1's when it has been on, but this resets after I deploy. Just wondering if there is a way to keep that first 1 and not send any others until a 0 because every time I deploy it sends another 1, and my math is based off the last 1 value's timestamp so it is shortening my reported runtimes.


Why not store in in a flow variable?

Hello @psalibe ,

does the node node-red-node-rbe maybe cover your needs? It will pass through a value only, if it is changing.


Also the RBE node has an option to not pass on the first value received.

One way to achieve this is to enable persistent storage & use a function node to recreate the functionality of the RBE. You would store the last value, check if it's changed, release the msg if it is different.

Of course it does, I'm using it throughout my flow :rofl: Slipped my mind... Thanks!

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