what is wrong concerning this Node-Red-Log:

What is the flow on that pi trying to do?

There are several functions, DoorBell (mgtt and remote-access) and garden irrigation

some other question to get a feel of what you have
1 - What version of NR and node.js (you can get this from the startup log)
2 - What OS and version are you running on the Pi?
3 - What version of MQTT are you running?
4 - what device is the MQTT broker running on?
5 - Are any Docker containers involved?
6 - Did this just start appearing?
7 - have you made any changes recently?

Hi Paul

thank you very much for your support

  1. NR vers v2.1.4 / Node.js vers: 14.19.1 / Npm 6.14.15
  2. OS Raspian Lite / Linux 5.10.103-v7+ arm LE (RPi 3 + running headless, SSH-access only)
  3. mqtt V3.1.1
  4. local, on the same RPi as NR is running
  5. none
  6. on January 2022-11 I have done a complete new installation/setup (new SD-card)
    after that I perform my last project „DoorBell“ with a IOT (ESP32-CAM) and my first encounter with MQTT
    further with new Node „node-red-contrib-remote-access Vers. 1.4.0
  • the Part „Irrigation“ is my be running now approx 7 years (same RPi) and runs very stable
  • the project „DoorBell“ isn’t finish, it still doesn't meet my expectations

Sevgilerimizle mit sonnigen Grüssen kind regards
Max Müller

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Max, which version of mosquito have you got installed?
Do you have and debug nodes in your flow? If so, are they named?
I see ‘debug1’ in the logs and wonder if that is from a debug node you have.

mosquitto 1.5.7
yes, I have several Debug-Nodes in divers Flows, but all „closed“ until one together with the „Remote-Node“
also I observe the Debug-messages in Node-Red, but there no messages are coming
now I have named this debug-node with „Remote-Control"

Müller Max

is that Eclipse Mosquitto

yes, it is Eclipse Mosquitto
learning by doing - I get this MQTT - Broker by a tutorial as an Open Source MQTT v3.1/v3.1.1 Broker

pi@raspi01:~ $ mosquitto -v
1657431917: mosquitto version 1.5.7 starting
1657431917: Using default config.
1657431917: Opening ipv4 listen socket on port 1883.
1657431917: Error: Address already in use
pi@raspi01:~ $

Müller Max

None of those messages in the log look like node-red messages. It looks like something to do with your SSH connection(s) or network setup. Are they still showing up?

@TotallyInformation Julian, do you have any insite into what those messages in the log are?

I also think this has nothing directly to do with Node-Red - it must be by the SSH remonte-access - but in ll other system-log's on the Mac I couldn’t finde any entry's

the RPi is „headless“ so I can see the Log by Terminal-SSH-connection only

on the second RPi (also headless), I don’t have all this messages there - and it is also an SSH-connection on the same kind

Müller Max

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