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Hi all,

For anyone who might have a need to remotely edit code on a server, there is a new open source product just released that lets you set one up very rapidly. I thought I'd share it in case anyone needs it.

When using UIBUILDER, for example, it is not uncommon to want to edit the source for your UI which lives on your Node-RED server. Of course, UIBUILDER already includes a simple file editor right in the node's Editor panel. However, this is limited to the generic features provided already by Node-RED.

For more complex needs, you will likely want a more feature rich Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

The next release of UIBUILDER will include a setting that lets you have a special URL that allows local and remote code editing via an existing installed IDE such as VScode. For remote editing, this relies on VScode's remote editing extensions from Microsoft, the URL opens up VScode in the root folder for your uibuilder node and if it is remote, as long as you've configured that, it will open up the remote session directly. It is a really cool feature and I'm already using it in the beta build.

However, some folk might want a more feature rich remote editing environment still, especially if they need to do collaborative editing as part of a larger team. And it is this case that I think this new tool may help with.

Do note, that, with the next UIBUILDER release, you will be able to put the URL for this environment into the uibuilder node and so still benefit from the edit button directly.

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interesting stuff Julian.

Would love to see a demo video?

Sure - as soon as the good lord adds a couple of hours to the day :rofl:

I will add to the list of future vids

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