Remove Linefeed (/n) in CSV Node

Hi, I have created a flow that extracts information from an http API, with that information I create a payload and I want to write the payload in a CSV.

The flow works correctly, but in the CSV it inserts a blank line between each line created in the CSV.


How can I configure the CSV so that it does not create this line break?

Thank you very much and Merry Christmas to all.

Show us what the message going into the CSV node looks like in a debug node.

how are you then saving the CSV ? If using a file out node you don't need to an a new line to each line as the csv has already done that for you.
Make sure the file out node dies not have this ticked...

Hello Colin, this is the debug of csv node:


Indeed I use a file node to save the csv, but I don't know how to remove the new line in the csv node.


This is the configuration I have in the csv node:

As @dceejay said, in the File node make sure you have not ticked Add newline to each payload. The strings you are writing already include new lines so you don't want another.

If Colin's suggestion does not resolve the issue, you might try changing your csv node config to use Unix style newlines \n (currently you are using Windows style newlines \r\n) -- those two characters at the end of each line could be causing the extra blank lines.


it seems I needed some vacation days to see what I had in front of me, indeed @dceejay is right, I had the option "Add newline to each payload" in the File node activated, I'm sorry I didn't see it before.

Thanks @dceejay , @Colin and @shrickus

Happy New Year 2022.

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