Remove one digit and round payload value via function node

I would like to adjust the decimal places of a value from a temperature sensor. The sensor delivers a payload with e.g. 22.68, the last digit should be omitted and rounded, so in this case a new payload of 22.7 should be output. This should be feasible via a function node, unfortunately everything I have found and tried so far has not worked. Unfortunately I do not know anything about programming. What should I put in the function?

You can do that with either a function node or a change node (with JSONata). Usually the output will be a string rather than a number however. Probably fine if you are simply displaying it.

To be honest, I have to look that up as well. If you have access to ChatGPT or Bing Chat or similar, it will tell you the answer, otherwise a simple internet search something like "javascript round to 1 decimal place" should do the job.

have found a workarround with the calculate node:
multiply wirh 1 and round with one decimals

msg.payload = Math.round(msg.payload *10)/10
Presuming msg.payload is a number.

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