Removing input value on btn click

In my custom node i have a button that adds <div class="form-row"> <input type="text" /> </div>
I would want when i press another button that hides/deletes the form row created to change the input value back to "";
Because when i type something on input the value of it stays until i delete it

let myInput = $("#myInput")
btn.on("click",()=> {
myInput.value = ""

jQuery remove - to delete an element

jQuery .show() / .hide() to show & hide an element

However, why don't you use the node-red built in widget editableList?

I dont want to remove the element. I already do that in my function. I just want to reset the value to "" everytime i click on the button

jQuery empty

Or $("#myInput").val("");

It still stays until i reopen the node. Why doesnt it just change on button click?
EDIT: you can remove this comment

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