Render buttons from a sql array

hello every body ,
i m new in NODE RED and i want to create buttons from an array returned from sql.
can any body help with that .
thank you

A button has a name and an action, so what are you returning in your array?
Perhaps you could share an example?

hi ukmouse,
the array got values as [ first,second,third]
for example : the first created button have to take value of the first element [first] as label and when clicked return the same value (first) as string

The difficulty comes in that an array can contain any number of entries so I can't think of a way of dynamically doing it with the dashboard buttons.
But you could do it with html or using the node-red-contrib-uibuilder tool

How about creating a dynamic table where race row is clickable and returns the value?

Search the flow tab for flows using the keyword ‘table’

can u please share an example?

If you want to see a working project, look at my project ‘ET Display Home’ a flow to help manage your ESPeasy and Sonoff/Tasmota flashed devices (now at v0.1.13)

You will notice the IP addresses are all links.