Replace() or tostring() "not a function"

I created a project with some flows on my Windows VM installation of Node Red. There is one function node with a line like

msg.payload = msg.payload.replace("&", "&");

On my Windows VM it works fine. On my Raspberry Pi I get an error message saying "TypeError: replace() is not a function.". My Google search only gave the result to add "tostring()" before "replace()" but then I get "tostring() is not a function". Any ideas?

Thank you

replace is a function of a string var, is msg.payload a string, add debug nodes and check what msg.payload is going into function
tostring() should be toString() with a capital S.

I am confused. I just restarted my Pi and now it works directly with replace()...
Don't know why, but thank you for the hint. (Debug shows original payload is already a string)

It wasn't a string the first time, or you would not have got that error.

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