Restart a flow (catch) because of modbus time-out

I have a simple flow: a modbus plc is polled (about 60 int16 values) and distributed to my Hubitat hub.
Simples values (temperature, power) and simple functions.

However, this device within my network is probably a little bit difficult to reach. The plc is hooked to a switch and my node-red is hooked in the same network, but it seems that my network is not perfectly set.
That means the plc is sometimes difficult to reach (timeout) and node-red generates an error.

The idea here is to restart the flow if an error is catched (in this case time-out). Ok, I know that I should rebuild my network differently to obtain better performances, but I can't do it for now (lot of devices).

I viewed a thread about restarting a flow, but I'm lost here because (newbie) I don't know where to find this way to post to the API function flows... Even worse, where should I look into ?

Some guidance will be well appreciated !

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