Retain data after power cycle

I developed a custom node that accepts some info like username, password, etc,
If I open the property window and submit the information, let say after the power cycle of node-red(switch on and off node-red server) the information retained in the field - perfect

Now let say the form node accepting the required information from UI and pass it to the custom node(above), but after the power cycle the information is not there

Is there is way to store pass-on information in UI or display in UI property so it will retain after the power cycle?
OR any other solution ?

Well you are going to have to store it somewhere (filesystem) and then retireve it after a reboot.

You would usually do this through either a filenode or by enabling file based persistent context variable storage. (By default the Context variables are stored in memory only and require a change to the settings.js file and a restart of NR)


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