Rflink data converting

rflink gives data from weatherstation (as bought is some stores)
alecto /ws1700/ cresta/ oregon/ auriol and many others

20;20;Oregon Temp;ID=9610;TEMP=00de;BAT=OK;
20;22;Alecto V4;ID=5cf8;TEMP=00e9;HUM=32;
and so on

Who gives advise
1 how to converse in numbers decimal
2 how to split in sections e.g. ID=65; TEMP=23; HUM=63; BAT= 0 OR 1
from input
Auriol V3;ID=1A01;TEMP=00d2;HUM=63;BAT=OK
flow-question.txt (5.0 KB)

I don't understand how 1A01 maps to 65, or 00d2 maps to 23

Colin both are different examples

Only the sentece Auriol ask

how can i translate those data to decimal.



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Once you have split out the hex part (1A01 for example) you can use parseInt to convert it. So if, for example, you have "1A01" in the variable value then you can do
var decimalValue = parseInt(value, 16)
The 16 tells it that it is base16.

Ok Colin
thanks for the help.

my problem is solved
have found another solution on internet.
with explanation to


thanks to all of the members who helps all the times
I close the question