Rolling code for opening gate?


Hello everyone,

I try to transmit / receive a coded message but that can not be reproduced, to open my gate, garage, door etc ...
NodeRed runs on my RPI and runs my house. A 433MHz transceiver is connected to its serial port.
(It allows me to communicate with many sensors everywhere in the house and in the garden).

Another transceiver connected to an Arduino in a remote control, detects a push button. He transmits a rolling code to the RPI who deciphers it and opens the portal.

Do you have an idea ?
Thank you



It is not clear to me what question you are asking. Which bit are you having problems with?



I am looking for ideas to create a rolling code remote control.

  • An arduino, in a remote control transmits the encoded signal of opening of the portal in 433MHz.
  • Node Red (installed on RPI, is a gateway to all my 433MHz sensors), captures the coded signal, decodes and activates the portal.

All the 433MHz part works.
What I miss is the encryption / decryption of the rolling code.
I did research on AES encryption SHA256 etc ... but these are codes that can be copied and reproduced to open the portal.

I need a unique code, as do real remote controls.