Routing external HTTP message to Node Red

Hi All

Glad to jump in this forum for my first topic
I installed Nod-red on external virtual machine on Ubuntu 18 at @IP node-red-machine
I want to route http message to my node-red machine to be handled by a HTTP IN Node (POST).
what must be the HTTP routing in order to be handle by Node-Red
I suggest the following routing URL : HTTP://<@IP node-red-machine>/dir1
HTP IN Node : POST at URL /dir1

But it does not work

IS there a specific port to open on the node-red machine ?

Thanx 4 your help


Hi @Shakey7

by default, Node-RED uses port 1880 so you'd need to include that in the url and ensure that port is properly exposed ... http://ip-of-machine:1880/dir1

Alternatively, you could configure NR to listen on port 80 via the settings file.

Hi knolleary

Thank you :pray: very much for your feedback, it works fine now!
maybe you could tell ole how toi secure the HTTP forward via https on my node-red implementation ?

Anyhow thank's a lot


The Node-RED docs have details on security configuration.

Yes I know Julian, but thanks
I have to do my homework :wink: