Rules node Variable is name value

Hello community,

I have one question.

Lets say i have in chat context one variable with name count and value 2.
So if i use :

let chat;
chat.set('count', 2);
let count = chat.get('count'); //I will get 2

if i want to control my flow and set a rule from rule node,
using the dropdown list the "Variable is" and for name put count and for value put 2, this should be able to control the flow only when count =2 right?

I am using the correct output of rule node and does not execute the nodes after this rule.

Thanks for your time!

Hi @lastm4n

What contrib nodes are you using here? You mention 'chat context' and 'rule node' - they aren't standard Node-RED things.


I am using node-red-contrib-chatbot.

Ok so in node-red can somehow control the flow using a node when the variable has a specific value?

Could you explain what you are trying to accomplish ? In simple steps ?
I suspect you are looking for node,flow or global variables.