Running an exec command

I can run the following command from the command line
lame --decode /home/pi/songs/1.mp3 - | play -
when I try to run the command from an exec node it gives me an "error 2" message.
Is it possible to run the command from within node red ?

Show/share your configuration of the exec node with a screenshot

Also check if anything is appearing on output two.


here are two screen shots, the error message is from the second output of the node. All three outputs give me an output.

You have got Append msg.payload selected. That appends whatever is in msg.payload to the command as you can see from the command it says is in error.

(Slowly pounds head on desk)
Looked at that a hundred times, sigh.
Thanks for the help.

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We have all been there. Sometimes pounding faster helps, sometimes not.


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