Running more than one Telegram 'bot'

Is it possible to run more than one Telegram 'bot' in Node-RED??
I'm using... node-red-contrib-telegrambot (9.4.2) with NR v1.3.5

I've got a bot running on one of my Raspberry Pi(es) and would now like to create another bot.

When I try to do this I get this message...
Screen Shot 05-26-21 at 06.46 AM

I've tried running it on another Raspberry Pi (on the same network) but get the same error.

Any suggestions on how to achieve this would be appreciated.

You can have multiple nodes sending to the same bot. However, we can only have one node listening to one bot.
What do you want to do?
On your telegram account you can create different bots and then, having multiple listeners (up to one per bot...).

This is my setup. I have a 'bot' running my Smart-Home. This works really well taking photos and sending the images to 'camera1', 'camera2', etc..

I'd like to build another 'bot' that listens to commands arriving on 'Inventory'. My intention is to build a system that tracks electronic components I have and use to build various projects.

Screen Shot 05-26-21 at 08.03 AM
My problems start when I try to add another bot-configuration.

Hope this makes sense.

Not sure I fully understand...
So, on telegram you have an "inventory" bot that is created, available and no node listening to it. Correct?
On telegram, when you have create inventory, you had a message from the BotFather about HTTP API acces. This is what you have to use to create and then listen to this inventory bot on NR.
I have the feeling, I am missing something :wink:

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Thanks for your help thus far.

Yes I understand about the bot token.
I've just tried setting-up a different configuration, and so far it seems to be working (e.g. no errors).
Screen Shot 05-26-21 at 08.23 AM

Screen Shot 05-26-21 at 08.32 AM

Maybe there was a clash with the 'Inventory' configration.

I have multiple bots. Probably 4 or 5 test ones and a couple of live (maybe 3, can't remember now).

The live ones are meant to be a "chatty" one and a critical one. They all work well but you cannot have 1 bot talking to another at the Telegram end, only the Node-RED end. So you can't have 1 bot sending a command to another for example.

The chatty bot is kept with no notifications so that I can go in and see what is happening to the house. The critical bot is joined to the family group and has the key commands and warnings about the door bell and doors being left open.

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Confirmed. I have two bots running in my setup as well. All fine.

Thanks to everyone for their useful inputs.
My setup has been working fine all afternoon, so I'm going to put it down to... 'human operator error'.

Managed to get a simple menu structure running.

Screen Shot 05-26-21 at 05.02 PM

PEBCAK :wink:


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