Running Node-RED behind reverse proxy using sub path

I'm trying to install Node-RED behind a nginx reverse proxy. I already have an application under the default "/". I'm setting the Node-RED path via the following:

location /nodeRed { rewrite /nodeRed(.*) /$1 break; proxy_pass http://localhost:1880; }
The call to https://myserver/nodeRed is working, it is getting HTML back... However, the paths to the included javascript, etc, are under the default "/".

Is there a way to set the default path of NodeRED via environment variables, etc?

And they are not loading ?
Do the Devtools console in your browser give any clues ? (screenshot)

If you try (slashes)

location /nodeRed/ {                
proxy_pass http://localhost:1880/;       

source2 (last comment)

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