Running Node-RED on multiple instances but with separate set of flow

Not exactly sure, when i tried running a second instance, the dashboard is not showing anything except just the title bar and the blank dashboard

I'm not sure how I did it, but after deleting everything in 1881, and deleting the flow tab and making a new one. The thing finally work.

EDIT: for some reason, after restarting the Node-RED, the ui went blank again and it'll show up again if i delete and paste a new one and deploy it

EDIT: another thing I've tried is only entering node-red -p 1881 and that actually work well, but I won't be able to see the flow if I try to look into the Context Data, so I believe the other cmd (node-red -p 1881 -u c:/node-red-1881) would allow me to view the flow in the Context Data. Just a curious thought, does the user logging into the Node-RED editor affect it?

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